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At the moment, priority is given to people who have started projects. Please get in touch on the next appointment date.

Days of booking

Appointments are taken on 2 days in each half-year

appointment for that
2nd half of 2022:

Friday 29th and
Saturday April 30, 2022

appointment for that
1st half of 2023:

Friday 28th and
Saturday October 29, 2022


but is very important



You can only send your inquiries on these 2 days per half year. (By email)
Anyone who writes an email on these days will receive a response.
Unfortunately, inquiries that arrive earlier or later cannot be considered or answered and you will then have to try again when you make an appointment for the next six months.

I am also not able to accept all requests as there is limited space each semester.
I will consider the order of the emails received, but also according to relevance for me




It is also very important that I only do tattoos in the style that I put on the internet and that you can see in my stories and pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

I would be happy to recommend you another competent tattoo artist who could certainly implement the project perfectly. That makes a big difference in the end result, please don't underestimate it.
I think that everyone should get the best possible result.

Basically, I do not pierce tattoos from other tattoo artists.

In principle, I don't do cover-ups either, unless it works well in the course of a larger project.
That depends a lot on the size and color of the tattoo you want to cover, or how willing you are to compromise in the course of a major project and the resulting cover up.

I also like to do small or smaller tattoos as long as they are feasible for me and fall within my specialty.



Content of your Email

Rough description of your tattoo wish






If you already have tattoos that are close to the area you want tattooed, please send pictures of them.


if available pictures of tattoos that inspire you


if you are on Instagram or Facebook then please write me your username. This is very practical because I can contact you faster if it is urgent and you can contact me too :-)


Your place of residence / How long is your journey


Days of the week that would suit you well for an appointment. If possible, I will take this into account when making an appointment.



I only work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Appointments are only made via email
I charge 130 euros an hour and only the tattooing time is charged
for a whole arm, for example, I need about 5-6 appointments, each with around 5 hours of tattooing time per appointment.
The price is therefore strongly dependent on the time and effort.
I do not send drafts in advance.
I don't do any consultation appointments, it's not possible due to time constraints.
We work out the design together on the day of the tattoo appointment. I always take a lot of time for everyone and the tattooing only starts once you are satisfied.
I have created folders with my designs where you can look for things at the appointment, but I also really like to paint “freehand” directly onto the body. But there is certainly no shortage of designs and material to work with. Everyone has found what they are looking for in my folders :-)
You will be billed in cash after each appointment.
I don't take a deposit as most people are very reliable.
However, I take the liberty of not giving anyone any more appointments if you don't show up for the appointment unannounced, or if you regularly cancel at short notice.
Please understand this, because I don't want people who would like to have appointments because of people who are unreliable not to get there.
I don't get tattoos until I'm 18



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